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THC Wind 2.0 Label Applicator with Hopper

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THC Wind 2.0 Label Applicator with Hopper

THC Wind 2.0 Label Applicator with Hopper with SMART CONTROL.

Suited for flat products. The THC Wind 2.0 is a Tabletop Label Applicator. The new Wind features an upgraded rewinding system, specially crafted conveyor belts, and an improved hopper.
Labeling flat products up to 23.6" (600 mm) max length, 2”( 50 mm) max height, and 11.4" (310 mm) max width.

Features Benefits

THC Wind 2.0 Label Applicator

The upgraded rewinding system

Features enhanced design, enabling smoother and more precise label adjustments. Additionally, the integration of a separate label dispensing edge and pressure roller ensures superior label application on products

THC Wind 2.0 Label Applicator features

Specially crafted conveyor belts

Designed exclusively for the THC Wind offer increased adhesion, resulting in better product control. The new spring steel pressure system ensures a continuous and secure guidance of the product during the labeling process.

THC Wind 2.0 label applicator hopper features

Improved hopper

Improved grip when feeding the label applicator.


The product sensor's sliding control has been improved, providing a more seamless and convenient adjustment experience. To enhance visibility, the rotary controls for speed regulation (label motor, conveyor belt) are now positioned under the display, to the left and right of the control unit.

The THC Wind serves as a versatile solution, capable of functioning both as a standalone device and as part of a production line. Multiple devices can be interconnected in series to form a comprehensive labeling, and barcoding system. With the THC Wind, you can enjoy the flexibility and performance required to meet your labeling needs and enhance overall productivity.



  • Enhanced Label Feeding Mechanism: Experience smoother label feeding with our upgraded system that ensures a seamless process.
  • Sturdier Label Slide: Our label slide is now more robust and heavy-built, guaranteeing durability and reliability in every operation.
  • Separated Press-On Rollers: The press-on rollers are now separate from the label slide, optimizing performance and minimizing potential issues.
  • Improved Product Sensor Control: Effortlessly adjust the Product sensor with a user-friendly slider, making the control process a breeze.
  • Convenient Speed Control Placement: We've positioned the speed control buttons (label motor, conveyor motor) to the left and right of the sensor unit below the Display, creating a centralized control hub for ease of use.
  • Custom-made Conveyor Belts: Our newly designed conveyor belts offer superior stickiness, ensuring better product control and increased efficiency.
  • Innovative Pressure System: Introducing a new pressure system featuring adjustable metal bars, providing continuous pressure on the product and eliminating the risk of items getting stuck between rollers.



  • Labels Bags, Boxes, and Top of Lids (Hopper Included)
  • Application:Up to 3,500 Mylar Bags per Hour. Up to 3,000 Lids per Hour. Up to 2,000 Boxes per Hour
  • Footprint: 65” x 42” x 39” (1641mm x 1067mm x 990mm)
  • Machine: 47” x 24” x 21” (1185mm x 605mm x 530mm)
  • Print and Apply Option Available


  • Throughput Up to 7000 per hour (depending on product size)
  • Machine dimensions (LxHxT)
    • (without input hopper):
      755 mm x 605 mm x 530 mm
      29.7“ x 23.8“ x 20.9“
  • Machine dimensions (LxHxT)
    • (with input hopper)::
      1185 mm x 605 mm x 530 mm
      47“ x 24“ x 21“
  • Power supply: 110-220V, 50/60Hz (self adjusting)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110lbs)
  • Input Hopper: 15kg (33lbs)
  • Transport belt speed: Adjustable up to 7.9ips or 200mm p/s
  • Maximum product dimensions: Length: 600mm (23.6“) - longer products on request
  • Height: 50mm (2“) - higher products on request
  • Width: 290mm (11.4“)
  • Roll diameter: Min diameter: 25 mm (1“) ,
  • Max diameter: Up to 250mm (9.8“)
  • Label size: Min: 10mm x 10mm (0.4“ x 0.4“)
  • Max: 184mm x 184mm (7.25“ x 7.25“)



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