Puerto Rico Packaging Requirements

In 2015, Puerto Rico legalized the use of medical marijuana. Where there is any form of legalized Cannabis, medicinal or recreational, there will be regulations for packaging and labeling. Proper regulations ensure products are safe for consumers. With 78 different municipalities and several islands, Puerto Rico’s laws ensure medical cannabis patients can have access to their treatments regardless of which municipal they take residence in.

Regulation 9038 and Law No. 42-2017 are the main guidelines for the consumption and distribution in Puerto Rico.

For businesses planning to conduct business in, with, or distribute products to Puerto Rico you can refer to the Regulation 9038 (Regulamento 9038) and the official Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board webpage.

A short overview of some of the requirements:

  • Medical Cannabis products and Medicinal Cannabis concentrates must be package in an opaque, resealable, child-proof packaging.
  • Packaging must not be designed to be attractive to children.
  • All medical cannabis, medical cannabis concentrate, and medicinal cannabis infused products must be package in accordance with all procedures and tracking system regulations set by the United States Food and Drug administration.

    Click here to view our Puerto Rico labels.

    Click here to view the pdf Regulamento 9038. 

    THC is always looking to help customers in the industry stay compliant with any labeling and packaging laws. We hope that you will be able to use these resources to inform your business on any of the requirements needed to be part of the cannabis industry in Puerto Rico. 

    THC encourages viewing information first hand:
    You can visit the page for the PR Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board at:
    Likewise you can call into their offices at: 787-765-2929

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