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With cannabis getting recreationally legalized across the US, a growing problem that every major cannabis brand will need to address is doing their part to provide product in eco friendly bio degradable packaging. 

The rising problem the cannabis industry is seeing is single-use plastic waste from packaging. Within the cannabis packaging industry, cannabis businesses have to meet different packaging rules and regulations in order to conduct business legally. For example, the child resistant, tamper evident, and resealable requirements often make options limited. With cannabis rules and regulations in mind, the cannabis industry is left with an imperative question to answer: How can cannabis plastic waste be reduced? Is it even possible?

Plastic packaging has become an essential component in cannabis packaging just like other industries because it is durable, lightweight, and affordable. However, with better understanding of the harm of plastic production, innovative sustainable packaging solutions are being developed.

What can you do as a cannabis business owner or as a cannabis consumer when it comes to sustainability?

As a business owner, investing in sustainable packaging for your product as an early adopter is important. The cannabis industry is still as a majority reliant on plastic packaging, however, differentiating yourself as a business that makes the effort to be sustainable can not only make a real impact, but also help you stand out as a cannabis brand. To go a step further, educating your customers and providing information on reusing or recycling the different types of cannabis packaging you sell your products in would help create a positive sustainable impact.

As a consumer, look for cannabis brands and businesses that align with your sustainability efforts. You can be sure to look for cannabis packaging that is made out of recycled plastics, hemp plastics, glass, paper, and other innovative alternatives. Doing your research on how to reuse and properly recycle different types of cannabis packaging is also very important.

In an effort to provide a conscious alternative to plastic cannabis packaging, THC Solutions is launching a sustainable cannabis packaging line “THC Green”.

Browse our sustainable 22 dram and 34 dram child-resistant cannabis flower containers made out of biodegradable starch and hemp bio-polymers that degrade naturally in about 14 months compared to PET plastic that can take 450+ years to decompose. No commercial facility is required for biodegradation, these sustainable push and turn cannabis containers are solar degradable, carbon saving, sustainably sourced and made in the USA, and do not have any plastic odor. Use these biodegradable push and turn containers as either cannabis flower packaging or pre-roll packaging.  

Our eco-friendly custom paper product labels are also an alternative to other label materials that do not biodegrade. Print your custom designs on everything from paper tamper evident labels, side labels, circle labels, warning labels, and more.


Our resealable sustainable Kraft pouches are an alternative to regular plastic Mylar bags or plastic exit bags used for cannabis flower or cannabis edible packaging.

Sustainable change does not happen overnight, but with the effort to change small things that larger industries are accustomed to, it is possible to make an impact.

Explore and shop our THC Green sustainability line.

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