Where Should I Buy my Cannabis Packaging From?

When it comes to choosing the best marijuana packaging wholesaler for your business, there are three things you need to consider.

  1. Is the marijuana packaging compliant to the state you are conducting business in?
  2. Does the wholesaler give you the option to customize your packaging?
  3. What is the variety of packaging and detailed information available from the wholesaler you are purchasing from?

The first point is the most important and pretty obvious- you need to be sure that your packaging is compliant in order to conduct business in the state you are selling your cannabis products. Typically, the wholesaler will state their packaging is compliant and child-resistant or state that their labels are using the correct and up to date state compliant artwork. In order to double check, be sure to read up on your state’s official cannabis provisions.

Another important point to consider is if the packaging wholesaler gives you an option to customize your packaging. Custom marijuana packaging is an important option to consider to better stand out and have your brand get noticed by your target customers. Whether you only want custom labels printed or if you want custom labels applied onto your packaging, look into the options that are given to you as a buyer.

Lastly, does the cannabis packaging wholesaler give you a variety of packaging options to choose from? For example, if you are looking to purchase child resistant glass jars, do you also have an option to purchase products like pre roll packaging, glass concentrate containers, cannabis exit bags, and more?

After considering these aspects, pay attention to ease of access, turn around times, professional support offered, and communication to have your needs met.

THC Solutions offers a A-Z approach to your wholesale packaging and provides high quality custom packaging and custom label services. Easily make your cannabis brand stand out with your custom labels and create a clean and sleek look for your product. Give us a call at (800) 842 - 4773 to get started today or join our email list to be the first to hear about our monthly promotions and exclusive offers. 

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